Tomaschitz, R. (2005). Tachyonic synchrotron radiation from γ-ray pulsars, Astroparticle Physics 23, 117-129, DOI: 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2004.11.005


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Superluminal radiation emitted by electrons orbiting in strong magnetic fields is investigated. We show that electrons gyrating in the surface fields of rotation-powered neutron stars can radiate superluminal quanta (tachyons) via the synchrotron mechanism. The tachyonic luminosity of γ-ray pulsars is inferred from COMPTEL and EGRET observations, and so is the magnetospheric electron population generating this radiation. In the surface fields, electromagnetic synchrotron radiation in the γ-ray band is suppressed by a quantum cutoff, but not so tachyonic γ-radiation. This provides an exceptional opportunity to search for tachyon radiation, unspoiled by electromagnetic emission. Estimates of the superluminal power radiated and the tachyonic count rates are obtained for each of the seven established γ-ray pulsars, the Crab and Vela pulsars, as well as PSR B1706−44, Geminga, PSR B1055−52, B1951+32, and B1509−58. Detection mechanisms such as tachyonic ionization and Compton scattering are analyzed with regard to superluminal γ-rays.


Keywords: Superluminal curvature radiation; Tachyonic γ-rays; Longitudinal γ-radiation; Pulsar magnetospheres

PACS classification codes: 95.30.Gv; 41.60.Ap; 97.60.Gb


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1. Introduction

2. Tachyonic synchrotron radiation in strong magnetic fields

3. Tachyonic γ-rays from pulsar magnetospheres

4. Conclusion








Tachyonic synchrotron radiation from γ-ray pulsars



Tomaschitz, Roman



AA(Department of Physics, Hiroshima University, 1-3-1 Kagami-yama, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan. Corresponding author. Tel.: +81 824 247361; fax: +81 824 240717)



Astroparticle Physics, Volume 23, Issue 1, p. 117-129. (APh Homepage)

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95.30.Gv, 41.60.Ap, 97.60.Gb




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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2005) Tachyonic synchrotron radiation from γ-ray pulsars, Astroparticle Physics 23, 117.


Keywords: superluminal curvature radiation, tachyonic γ-rays, ultra-relativistic electrons gyrating in the surface magnetic fields of rotation-powered neutron stars, light cylinder magnetic fields, magnetospheric electron plasma of γ-ray pulsars, polarization of tachyonic synchrotron radiation, transversal and longitudinal synchrotron emission, tachyonic luminosity of gamma-ray pulsars, Crab pulsar, Vela pulsar, PSR B1706−44, Geminga, PSR B1055−52, PSR B1951+32, PSR B1509−58, superluminal gamma-rays


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