Tomaschitz, R. (2007). Thermodynamic variables of microquasars inferred from tachyonic spectral maps, Physica A 385, 558-572, DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2007.06.009


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Tachyonic spectral densities of ultra-relativistic electron populations are fitted to the γ-ray spectra of two microquasars, LS 5039 and LSI +61°303. The superluminal spectral maps are obtained from BATSE, COMPTEL, EGRET, HESS, and MAGIC data sets. The spectral averaging is done with exponentially cut power-law densities. Estimates of the electron distributions generating the tachyon flux are obtained from the spectral fits, such as power-law indices, electron temperature and source counts. The internal energy and heat capacities of the source populations are calculated. An extensive entropy functional is defined for Boltzmann power-law densities and its stability is checked. The high-temperature limit of the thermodynamic variables is determined by the power-law index of the electron plasma, which enters in the scaling exponents as well as the amplitudes.


Keywords: Superluminal radiation; Tachyonic γ-rays; Boltzmann power-law ensembles; Spectral averaging; γ-Ray binaries

PACS classification codes: 05.70.Ce; 05.20.Gg; 52.25.Kn; 95.30.Tg


Article Outline

1. Introduction

2. Tachyonic γ-ray spectra of microquasars

3. Caloric equation of state and heat capacities of electronic power-law distributions

4. Ultra-relativistic Boltzmann power laws

5. Conclusion


Appendix A. High-temperature asymptotics of Gibbs free energy and entropy







Thermodynamic variables of microquasars inferred from tachyonic spectral maps



Tomaschitz, Roman



Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, v. 385, iss. 2, p. 558-572.

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Thermodynamic functions and equations of state, Classical ensemble theory, Thermodynamics of plasmas, Thermodynamic processes, conduction, convection, equations of state




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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2007) Thermodynamic variables of microquasars inferred from tachyonic spectral maps, Physica A 385, 558.


Keywords: superluminal radiation from the ultra-relativistic electron populations of γ-ray binaries, tachyonic γ-ray spectra of microquasars, LS 5039, LSI +61°303, transversally and longitudinally polarized γ-ray cascades, nonthermal electron plasma, internal energy and heat capacities of Boltzmann power-law ensembles, extensive entropy and thermodynamic stability of stationary non-equilibrium distributions, superluminal gamma-rays, tachyonic gamma-ray cascades


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