Tomaschitz, R. (2007). Tachyonic spectral map of a binary pulsar, Physics Letters A 366, 289-297, DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2007.01.084


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We study tachyonic synchrotron densities of ultra-relativistic electrons in helical motion. There is a longitudinally polarized spectral component due to the negative mass square of the superluminal quanta. The helical pitch-angle scaling of the transversal and longitudinal spectral densities is investigated, in particular the transition from circular to rectilinear motion. The magnetic field induces oscillations along the power-law slopes of the superluminal radiation densities, whose amplitude depends on the pitch angle. At moderate field strength and ultra-relativistic orbital speed, the modulations are tiny, but they become quite pronounced in the surface fields of γ-ray pulsars, resulting in cockscomb distributions. A tachyonic spectral fit to the γ-ray flux of the binary pulsar PSR B1259–63 is performed. The γ-ray wideband of this millisecond pulsar is reproduced by a tachyonic cascade spectrum, capable of generating the spectral curvature in double-logarithmic plots as well as the extended spectral plateau defined by ISGRI, OSSE, COMPTEL, and EGRET flux points.


Keywords: Tachyonic synchrotron radiation; Superluminal curvature radiation; Longitudinal polarization; Cascade spectra; Pulsar magnetospheres

PACS classification codes: 41.60.Ap; 03.50.Kk; 95.30.Gv; 97.60.Gb


Article Outline

1. Introduction

2. Superluminal radiation densities

2.1. High-frequency regime

2.2. Analytic continuation into the low-frequency band

3. Pitch-angle averaging

4. Tachyonic spectral fit to the γ-ray broadband of the binary pulsar PSR B1259–63

5. Conclusion







Tachyonic spectral map of a binary pulsar



Tomaschitz, Roman



AA(Department of Physics, Hiroshima University, 1-3-1 Kagami-yama, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan. Tel.: +81 824 247361; fax: +81 824 240717.)



Physics Letters A, Volume 366, Issue 4-5, p. 289-297.

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Synchrotron radiation, Other special classical field theories, Radiation mechanisms; polarization, Pulsars




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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2007) Tachyonic spectral map of a binary pulsar, Physics Letters A 366, 289.


Keywords: tachyonic synchrotron radiation, superluminal curvature radiation,  tachyonic spectral densities of electrons in helical orbits, cockscomb distributions, ultra-relativistic electrons gyrating in the magnetic fields of γ-ray pulsars, helical pitch-angle scaling, dispersion relation with negative mass-square, polarized tachyonic γ-ray flux, transversal and longitudinal γ-ray cascades, spectral curvature and spectral plateaus, PSR B1259–63, ISGRI, OSSE, COMPTEL, EGRET, gamma-ray binaries


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