Tomaschitz, R. (2009). Tachyonic γ-ray cascades from BL Lacertae objects, Europhysics Letters (EPL) 85, 29001 (6pp), DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/85/29001


Abstract (IOPscienceEDP Sciences, SAO/NASA ADS)

Evidence for superluminal radiation from TeV blazars is pointed out. Spectral fits of the BL Lacertae objects W Comae, 1ES 2344+514, PG 1553+113, and 1ES 0806+524 are performed with tachyonic γ-ray cascades generated by the thermal electron plasma in the galactic nuclei. The transversal and longitudinal radiation components as well as the thermodynamic parameters of the ultra-relativistic electron populations are extracted from the spectral maps based on EGRET, VERITAS, MAGIC, and HESS flux data. An extended spectral plateau typical for tachyonic γ-ray spectra emerges in the MeV and low GeV range, terminating in exponential decay without a power law crossover. Thermal tachyonic cascade spectra are also predicted for Fermi blazars. By comparing to other TeV γ-ray sources such as Galactic supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae as well as active galactic nuclei, the curvature in the high-energy spectral slopes of BL Lacertae objects is shown to be intrinsic, i.e. uncorrelated with distance.



52.27.Ny Relativistic plasmas

98.54.Cm Active and peculiar galaxies and related systems (including BL Lacertae objects, blazars, Seyfert galaxies, Markarian galaxies, and active galactic nuclei)

95.30.Gv Radiation mechanisms; polarization



Plasma physics

Astrophysics and astroparticles





Tachyonic γ-ray cascades from BL Lacertae objects



Tomaschitz, R.



AA(Department of Physics, Hiroshima University - 1-3-1 Kagami-yama, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan



Europhysics Letters, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp. 29001 (2009).

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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2009) Tachyonic γ-ray cascades from BL Lacertae objects, Europhysics Letters EPL  85, 29001.


Keywords: superluminal radiation from TeV γ-ray blazars, tachyonic spectral maps of BL Lacertae objects, W Comae, 1ES 2344+514, PG 1553+113, 1ES 0806+524, tachyonic γ-ray cascades radiated by thermal electron plasmas in active galactic nuclei, thermodynamic parameters of ultra-relativistic electron populations, polarization of superluminal γ-rays, transversal and longitudinal tachyon flux, superluminal spectral densities, dispersion relation with negative mass-square, intrinsic spectral curvature of tachyonic gamma-ray cascades

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