Tomaschitz, R. (2013). Decay kinematics in the aether: Pion decay, kaon decay, and superluminal Cherenkov radiation, Europhysics Letters (EPL)  102, 61002 (6pp), DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/102/61002


Abstract (IOPscience, EDP Sciences, SAO/NASA ADS)

Pion and kaon decay, π → μ + νμ, K → μ + νμ, into muons and GeV neutrinos is investigated with regard to a possible superluminal neutrino speed. Photonic Cherenkov emission by superluminal high-energy charges is shown to be forbidden by causality violation. A proper causality interpretation of decay processes outside the lightcone involving superluminal particles requires an absolute spacetime conception based on a distinguished frame of reference (aether frame). The universal reference frame is physically manifested as the rest frame of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. The propagation of particles and radiation modes in the CMB rest frame is determined by dispersive wave equations coupled to isotropic permeability tensors. The decay of ~50 GeV pions and ~85 GeV kaons generating the CERN neutrino beam to Gran Sasso (CNGS) is analyzed in this context. Causality constraints on the group velocity of the ~17 GeV muon neutrinos produced in the decay are derived and compared to recent experimental bounds on the neutrino speed.



13.20.Cz Decays of π mesons

14.60.Lm Ordinary neutrinos

41.60.Bq Cherenkov radiation





Decay kinematics in the aether: Pion decay, kaon decay, and superluminal Cherenkov radiation



Tomaschitz, Roman



AA(Department of Physics, Hiroshima University - 1–3–1 Kagami-yama, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan)



Europhysics Letters, Volume 102, Issue 6, article id. 61002 (2013).

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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2013) Pion decay, kaon decay, and superluminal Cherenkov radiation, EPL 102, 61002.


Keywords: dispersive and refractive spacetime, absolute spacetime, aether, particles and radiation modes coupled to frequency-dependent permeability tensors, susceptibility functions and refractive indices of massive particles, energy–momentum conservation and kinematic causality conditions, pion and kaon decay in the aether, muons and superluminal neutrinos, negative susceptibility and superluminal neutrino speed, dispersive two-particle decay, decay angles and superluminal group velocities in the isotropic aether frame, photonic Cherenkov radiation by superluminal charges forbidden by causality violation


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