Tomaschitz, R. (2010). Tachyonic spectral fits of γ-ray bursts, Europhysics Letters (EPL)  89, 39002 (6pp), DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/89/39002


Abstract (IOPscience, EDP Sciences, SAO/NASA ADS)

Evidence for superluminal radiation in γ-ray burst (GRB) spectra is pointed out. The spectral maps of GRB 941017, GRB 990123, and GRB 990104 are analyzed. The superluminal radiation modes are generated by the shock-heated ultra-relativistic source plasma. The tachyonic radiation field is a real Proca field with negative mass-square, coupled to the electron gas by a frequency-dependent fine-structure constant. At GeV energies, the coupling constant approaches a limit value, so that the radiation field is minimally coupled to the electron current. In the soft γ-ray band, the interaction with the GRB plasma becomes nonlocal, due to the varying coupling strength depending on the energy of the radiated modes. The spectral fitting with tachyonic flux densities generated by nonlocal plasma currents is explained. Estimates of the tachyonic luminosity, temperature, and internal energy of the electronic source plasma are obtained from the spectral fits.



98.70.Rz γ-ray sources; γ-ray bursts

95.30.Gv Radiation mechanisms; polarization

52.27.Ny Relativistic plasmas



Plasma physics

Astrophysics and astroparticles





Tachyonic spectral fits of γ-ray bursts



Tomaschitz, R.



Europhysics Letters, Volume 89, Issue 3, pp. 39002 (2010).

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description: Roman Tomaschitz (2010) Tachyonic spectral fits of γ-ray bursts, Europhysics Letters EPL 89, 39002.


Keywords: superluminal radiation from the shock-heated electronic source plasma of gamma-ray bursts, tachyonic γ-rays, superluminal spectral densities of ultra-relativistic electrons, Proca fields with negative mass-square, tachyonic Maxwell equations, nonlocal interaction of tachyons with plasma currents, tachyon mass and tachyonic fine-structure constant, tachyonic luminosity of an ultra-relativistic electron plasma, transversal and longitudinal polarization of tachyons, superluminal gamma-rays, GRB 941017, GRB 990123, GRB 990104


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